Barefoot Atlas connects independent travelers with worthwhile volunteer projects around the world

Build Schools in Burma,
                Survey Marine Life in Honduras,
                                 Distribute HIV Medicine in Tanzania,
                                                        Nurse Wounded Monkeys in Costa Rica,
                                                                            or Love a Lonely Child Anywhere…

There are a million ways to get busy creating a better world and we’re here to make sure that you find the one that’s perfect for you.

Barefoot Atlas profiles volunteer opportunities for extraordinary people in search of both adventure and meaning. Our guides give independent travelers all the tools they need to embark on meaningful volunteer adventures around the world.


Fresh Off the Presses

Volunteer Central America

Will beautiful Central America, with its flawless beaches, virgin rainforests, and fiery volcanoes, be the setting of your life’s great adventure? Read in-depth reviews of wide-ranging volunteer opportunities all across this incredible region and discover your passion. Read a Few Sample Pages.

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Every Barefoot Atlas Travel Guide Includes:

volunteer description
In-depth Project Descriptions

volunteer travel info
Detailed Maps & Travel Information

past volunteers
Photos & Past Volunteer Testimony

where volunteers live
Housing, Food
& Recreation Options

volunteering background
Area & Organization Backgrounds


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